How to Roll Out Your Rebrand

This well equipped A4 Zippered Compendium allows you to take all of your essential items at once.

You have put in the time and effort to refine every aspect of your business’ brand. You are ready to move forward with the rebranding that you have agonized over for so long. Or are you?

Rolling out your rebrand is as vital as every other step in the process. Some people would argue that how you roll out your rebranding is almost more important than your changes.

Steps to a Successful Rebranding Rollout

1.Prepare Your Employees – Before you glance at fonts or a colour wheel, you should start forming a framework to guide you through the rebranding rollout process. Bring your team onboard at the very start and build enthusiasm throughout the planning phase.

2. Find Answers to Important Questions – You will not want to leave any room for errors, so be ready to decide things like:

    • Who will liaise with the press?
    • What is the story behind the rebrand?
    • What is the timeline for completing specific tasks?
    • Who needs to be notified?
    • What products should be ordered ahead of the rollout?
    • Who are your point people?

3. Set Your Priorities – Ideally, you will be able to roll out all of your changes simultaneously. However, if you cannot, then make sure you have your definitive brand assets like your website, signs, and other visuals ready at the same time. Appearing as if you are caught between both brands will confuse your employees and add a sense of unprofessional chaos at a time when clarity and order are essential.

4.  Rebrand Inside Your Business Before Going Public

    • Have a four to six-week window to allow your staff to become familiar with the changes.
    • Host an unveiling event for your employees. Open a time for questions and have swag with your new logo ready to hand out to your workers.
    • Make sure everyone knows where to go for answers to questions connected to the rebrand.
    • Create and share an easy to understand style guide and ensure that the staff members have one or can quickly access a guide.
    • Share your rebranding story with your team and make sure they can accurately tell the story to customers

5. Make Your External Launch an Exciting Event – When you go public, make the most of the attention you get. Create promo packs for every platform and get them into the hands of people who will increase the buzz about your company’s rebrand. Use social media platforms to your advantage both at the time building up to the launch and throughout the rollout. You want your customers to have reminders of the rebranding rollout when they log on to social media.

6. Do Not Neglect Corporate Gifts or Promotional items – It is a part of human nature. People enjoy receiving gifts, so do not disappoint. If possible, have a selection of different gift items and try to have a few new things that your associates and the public will enjoy. Above all else, do NOT try and pass off gift items with your old logo. The idea looks unprofessional and cheap. Two qualities no one wants to be associated with their brand.

A business diary is one of the best corporate gifts for your rebranding rollout.

Best Corporate Gifts for Your Rebranding Rollout

There is no shortage of promotional merchandise available to share with your staff, clients, and potential clients. However, you need to separate yourself from the pack when rolling out a rebrand. Here are a few of the top corporate gifts to consider for your rebrand.

    • Compendium – Add your freshly designed logo to the front of a helpful compendium, and your business will be well represented.
    • Calendars – No matter what type of calendar you are offering, it provides potential brand exposure for 365 days a year
    • Stationary – A sharp business logo on stationery always makes a lasting impression
    • Tablet Sleeves – A valuable way to add visibility and expand your company’s reach with almost no effort
    • Business Diaries – While many people have their favourite way of using a business diary, it is hard to go wrong with a timeless gift. You can even buy dateless diaries.

Branded Items to Remember

When you are rebranding and rolling out changes for your company, it is a challenge to remember every detail. So, while you order perfect gifts, make sure to put these on your list:

    • Business cards
    • Logos on stationery for outgoing and internal messages
    • Document envelope – You and your staff will always be prepared for meetings because the document envelope keeps everything you need in one place.

You can even customize the A4 document envelope with your company logo embossed on the cover.

Every time you share a promotional product, it is your opportunity to connect and make a lasting mark that shows you have discerning taste and are genuinely concerned about the people who help make your business successful.

If you are unsure about a direction or which products best represent your brand, feel free to reach out to us. At the Cody Group, we can help you make an impression that will last.