Corporate Wellness Gifts: Ways to Look After Your Employees

Corporate gifts show appreciation towards your employees and customers.

Whether you have employees working at home or in an office, their health and wellness should always be among your priorities. It’s time to send your hardworking staff and loyal clients a little thank you with a thoughtful gift that supports their wellness.

This blog rounds up the top 5 corporate wellness gifts that you can give this year:

    1. Wellness ExperienceGifts come in many forms, not just material things but also wellness experiences, such as a day at the spa, cooking classes, or gift certificates. A wellness experience is one way to boost your employees’ morale and allow them to get moving outside of the typical workplace.

      A good wellness experience as a gift does not have to be expensive. You have plenty of choices, including:

      • Group Fitness Classes: Invite your dedicated staff to a fitness class so they can stay active. It’s a great choice if your employees typically spend their days sitting.
      • Local Wellness Events: The local community has several health-related wellness activities, such as a 5K run or a farmer’s market. A unique cooking or baking class using healthy ingredients can be a tasty reward to your staff, as well.
      • Employee Sports Events: Unleash your employees’ competitive streak with a sporting event. It can be anything from basketball to football or table tennis. Don’t forget to give the winning team or player a special prize. To simplify things, games like casual and card games can be given as gifts to make get-togethers easier and more comfortable.

Other suggestions include brain teasers, mindfulness, positivity, and social gifts.

    1. Home Office or Writing SuppliesGiving home office supplies to your employees is a good idea, especially because the items are guaranteed to be well-used, whether they work in the office or remotely. Some of our suggestions are:
      • Compendiums: Wondering how you can step up your corporate gifting game? Instead of sending out diaries or notebooks to your staff, why not choose a classy leather compendium? Show your gratitude for your employees’ job well done by giving them compendiums. This gift is a great way to celebrate their hard work and recognise their efforts. Compendiums can help your staff stay organised and even improve their productivity.
      • Executive Notepads: Take note-taking to a whole new level with an executive notepad, a trendy item to help employees track and manage their assignments without relying on technology.
      • Desk Pads: Jotting down notes is easier when there are desk pads that come in handy. It’s also beneficial for your staff’s mental health. And if you have an extra budget, customise the diary with the name or logo of your business. It’s a free yet effective advertisement!
      • Document Envelopes: Help your staff keep everything in one place with a quality document envelope. Whether they have a compilation of records or just need storage for their papers, these envelopes are a useful organisational tool.
      • Tablet Sleeves: Your employees most likely have iPads or tablets. With their everyday work consisting of the said device, they require good protection against damage caused by knocks, falls, and dust. A tablet sleeve is indeed an excellent gift to give this year.
      • Headphones: A busy home for Zooming or other calling apps you may use with your team can be distracting. Why not send some noise-cancelling headphones to make communication hassle-free?

Other recommended home office supplies are pen holders, adjustable laptop stands, and standing desks.

Executive notepads help employees track and manage their assignments without relying on technology.

    1. PlantsNothing says a healthy workplace than a green workplace. Plants are a great gift in so many ways because of their benefits, including reducing anxiety and boosting creativity. Some scientific studies even show that active interaction with plants can lower psychological and physiological stress.

      The wonderful thing about gifting plants is that you can show your artistic side if you wish. You can choose to include a handmade jar, a unique basket, a flower press, or some seeds that they can grow in the pot. Some plants even offer sweet or pleasant scents to provide natural perfume to the room. We recommend that you select a low maintenance plant so it does not die immediately if your employee forgets to water or give it enough sunlight exposure.

    2. Water BottlesWater is essential, but many of us forget to drink enough, perhaps because of our busy schedules. That’s why gifting a water bottle to your staff is valuable. It’s a must-have item that everyone should own, especially your hardworking employees. Drinking water will be much easier when the liquid they need is within their reach.

      Choose a reusable water bottle, though, not a single-use one. You are not only supporting sustainability, but you’re also hitting your corporate wellness goal.

Reusable water bottles save money while keeping you hydrated and healthy.

    1. Gift Boxes for Any OccasionSurprise an employee with a set of pampering products and relaxing treats, such as bath soaks, soothing lavender essential oils, and therapeutic candles. You can also opt for gift baskets rather than boxes, whichever will work best for you.

      The beauty of choosing a gift box or basket is that you can bring all your ideas together. Gifts don’t have to be made up of a single item. You can assemble smaller wellness gifts and put them in a box to kickstart your employees’ health journey.

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