Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifting has become a valuable practice for companies, no matter the industry and size.

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Branded Gifts

Giving gifts to your employees and clients can boost your staff’s morale or show that you appreciate their hard work. On the other hand, they are the silent but effective endorsers of your business, especially when your brand name is strategically placed on the items.

Think about having a document envelope with your business name on a table in the conference room of a regular customer. It is a functional yet straightforward item that has the potential to reach a wider audience. Through corporate gifts, you can forge a more personal bond with your team or clients. Check out the stylish corporate gifts from Cody Group, which are perfect for any occasion and purpose.

Our Products


Step up your gifting efforts this year with compendiums. Our compendiums are the perfect gift for dynamic professionals seeking practical storage for their everyday work essentials. Dressed in a fine PU material, we offer elegant zippered compendiums. They have features like an A4 notepad for note-taking, a pen loop, and internal pockets to keep important documents or business cards.

Desk Pads

Whether you want a simple desk pad or a creative one that merges a calendar and a scribble pad, we have what you’re looking for. Cody Group can produce different sizes of desk pads, customising them according to your sizing and design needs. Feel free to add your business name or logo, which can help with brand recall.

Document Envelopes

Available in A4 size, get premium quality document envelopes to distribute to your employees or clients. Keep important documents in place, such as certificates and contracts, in an envelope that has the name of your business on it. “Organisation is the key to success,” they say, so order document holders from Cody Group today!

Executive Notepad

Present a better way for your staff or clients to jot down notes using a high-quality executive notepad from Cody Group. These notepads are made of a fine PU material and come with a notebook inside. You will also find pockets where you can place items, such as business cards, for safekeeping.

Tablet Sleeve

Use a tablet sleeve to protect your tablet from accidents, such as sudden drops and dust accumulation that can lead to serious damage. Our tablet sleeves are not like your generic products out there. They come with two-loop string closure, so you can take the sleeve with you without worrying about losing the device.

Our Products

Why Choose Us

You understand that corporate gifts are helpful in many ways. But finding suitable gifts and suppliers can be a challenge.

They should be well chosen and thoughtful. At the same time, they should also promote your business in the most subtle way possible. Cody Group is always ready to help, and we work with you to find the best corporate gifts for your team, customers, and just about anyone.

Here are more reasons why we are the right supplier of corporate gifts for your next conference, meeting, trade show, or even just a regular day:

Like you, we make it our mission to make your brand shine.

We are experts in the field of corporate gifting, so we know what we are talking about, especially if you ask for our assistance.

We work with you so you can impress your staff and customers.

Our corporate gifts are all made of great  quality materials to create durable products with a sophisticated edge.

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Are you searching for a better way to turbocharge your sales without spending too much money? We have the answer! Cody Group is where you will find a variety of items that you can give to the members of your staff. If you just had a pleasant experience dealing with a particular client, it’s always best to have a gift handy.

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