This well equipped A4 Zippered Compendium allows you to take all of your essential items at once.

How to Roll Out Your Rebrand

You have put in the time and effort to refine every aspect of your business’ brand. You are ready to move forward with the rebranding...
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Corporate gifts show appreciation towards your employees and customers.

Corporate Wellness Gifts: Ways to Look After Your Employees

Whether you have employees working at home or in an office, their health and wellness should always be among your priorities. It's time to send...
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Whatever the goal is, it always helps to have the right diary format.

Finding the Right Diary Format for Your Daily Life

Diaries are not a new concept. People have been writing in their diaries for centuries. According to the New York Times, its history can even...
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Diary Header

6 Different Ways to Use Personalised Notebooks

Wouldn't it be nice to dress up your desk and have a personalised notebook to go with it? Taking notes in a notebook that suits...
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Various promotional items from cody group

How Promotional Products Can Help Your Business

All businesses, no matter what size and industry, need an innovative promotional strategy. You can have the best product or service, but it won’t count...
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Notepads as corporate gifts

Corporate Gift Giving: How to Engage Employees, Clients and Customers

Giving gifts is mostly for families and friends. It's a great way to show you care during the holidays, on their birthdays, anniversaries, or even...
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