The Cody Group Guide for Executive Gifting

Knowing when to give a gift can be as tricky as deciding on the present.

If the thought of choosing a gift for a superior makes you feel stressed, you are not alone. Giving a gift to someone you know well can be tricky. However, giving a gift to an executive can seem like an almost impossible challenge. Aside from being thoughtful, your executive gifts should be useful but not overly personal yet not completely unoriginal.

Fortunately, you do not need to struggle to find suitable executive gift ideas. For several decades, the Cody Group has been a leader in personalised and branded gifts. Their line of corporate gifts carries on their tradition of quality, style, and value. Whether you need to decide what gift to give a new executive or you are searching for the best gifts for executive assistants, you will find an exceptional collection of executive gift ideas from the Cody Group.

Sometimes, knowing when to give a gift can be as tricky as deciding on the present. Our guide can help you know when to bring a gift to the office.

Executive Gift Giving Occasions

  • Boss’ Day
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary of Joining the Company
  • Promotions
  • When Your Boss is Leaving the Company
  • Christmas or Other Holidays the Executive Celebrates
  • When You Are Leaving the Company

Top Three Trends for Executive Gifts

Just as important as knowing when to gift is knowing what to give. Many people believe the best gifts for corporate executives are classic tried and true items. Pen and pencil sets, name plates, and personalised mugs lead the list of well-worn gifts. Try working on one of these three trendy types of gifts:

  1. Sustainable gifts such as biodegradable stationery
  2. Classic personalised gifts- Notebooks, day planners, compendiums and similar items
  3. A bundle of related gifts- Sometimes, even high-quality gifts may seem underwhelming on their own. However, gather a desk calendar, notebook, and laptop sleeve, and you have an excellent (and on-trend) gift.

various promotional items from cody group

What NOT to Gift

The atmosphere of your company will help to dictate gift choices. However, some gifts are simply poor ideas or lack follow-through. Here are several types of gift ideas you ought to avoid.

  • World’s Best Anything – Even if you sincerely feel your boss is the most amazing human ever to run a company, the “World’s Best Boss” coffee mug, travel cup, t-shirt, or other gift item is an idea you can forget.
  • Cash or Anything that Could Look Like a Bribe – While this seems like an odd gift idea, to begin with, the mere appearance of anything inappropriate can cause problems for you and your boss.
  • Living Things – With the possible exception of plants, do not arrive at the office with any potential pets.
  • Hand-Made Items – There are exceptions to this rule. A hand-made blanket would be fantastic if your boss welcomed a new baby and you are a talented knitter. Likewise, bringing your prize-winning cranberry scones to the holidays would be welcome.
  • Any items that Violate Company Policies – Skip the IPAs or upscale bourbon if you have a dry workplace

An Ideal Gift for Everyone from the Cody Group

The Cody Group knows and understands corporate gift-giving. For more than 30 years, artisans created impressive gifts which could be branded and given to colleagues, clients, and other business associates.

The Cody Group proudly features their line of corporate executive gifts. These are the same high-quality gift items that you have come to expect from the Cody Group with an executive feel.

  • A4 Zippered Compendium – You can carry and access your essential items simultaneously, as they are zipped inside. The compendium has been made in a fine PU material with exceptional finishing. The design features an A4 notepad on the right. On the left are four card pockets: a zip-up pocket, a gusseted pocket and a pen loop.
  • The Executive Notepad – A classically designed way to stay organised, the Executive Notepad is made in a fine PU material. It has a spiral notebook with pockets for business cards inside the back cover.
  • Desk Pads – Desk Pads are an ideal way to make a good impression that lasts all year. These are available in custom sizes or the standard 420mm x 297mm and 594mm x 420mm
  • Tablet Sleeves and the Document Holder – The tablet sleeves are an ideal way to protect a tablet while staying organised. A document holder will help make sense of that collection of papers that need to be somewhere.

*Note* Some companies have specific rules regarding gifts. You should check with your human resources representative to be sure that the company permits gift-giving.

Deciding on what gift to give an executive does not need to be stressful. You can find several excellent gift ideas by contacting the Cody Group. With over 30 years in the industry, we know the gifts that will please and impress executives while not breaking your budget. Our exciting new line of corporate gifts will help you create a lasting impression with any executive.