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We are passionate about producing the highest quality promotional products at the Cody Group. And our blog author is equally passionate about sharing the most helpful and relevant information possible.

Few things make a client or associate feel better than knowing they received gifts sent with their likes and needs in mind. Everyone appreciates feeling understood by another person, and knowing thought went into the gifts adds to the appreciation.

Using decades of experience, our blog author compiles detailed information to help describe your choices and inform you about all the details of Cody Group’s marvellous products.

The Five Benefits of Branded Stationery in Business

There was a time when the business protocol was stiff and clearly defined. Both spoken and unspoken rules…

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Corporate Gift Boxes Guide: What to Put In and What Occasions to Give Them Out

Corporate gifting is a long-held practice to show appreciation and foster goodwill. The giving and receiving are transparent…

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Trade Show Marketing and Promotion Guide for Businesses

Trade shows can be massive game-changers for your business. If you handle them right, they can be the…

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The Cody Group Guide for Executive Gifting

If the thought of choosing a gift for a superior makes you feel stressed, you are not alone….

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Using a Planner to Be More Organised

It seems to be a universal issue; occasionally, we all feel like we could use more hours in…

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How to Roll Out Your Rebrand

You have put in the time and effort to refine every aspect of your business’ brand. You are…

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