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Cody Group Began in 1987.

Although the owner was different, the same products and philosophy were in place. During that time, the founder worked as a commission sales agent. He was a part of a calendar company and realised there was massive potential in this area. He later started selling diaries and calendars to various businesses to use as promotional items. Sometimes, they were given to the employees.
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In January 2016, more than 30 years since its inception, we acquired the business and renamed it to Cody Group. Since then, the company has been under the same management. With over 20 years of industry experience, we understand how crucial it is to stand out. And we believe that nothing announces a brand better than a customised promotional item that’s exclusively designed for the business.

Today, Cody Group offers calendars, notebooks, diaries, and corporate gifts, which are tools that add excitement to a company gathering or event. They also increase name recognition while remaining functional all year round.

Our Purpose

Advertising methods vary significantly from one company to the next. What works for some firms may not necessarily work for you. While online, TV, and print ads are hard to beat, not everyone has the budget for those strategies.

As a new entrant in the industry, it’s already difficult to compete with the big names out there. And with a limited budget, you’re probably left with no other choice but to rely on word of mouth advertising via your friends and family.

Our Purpose

But the reality is that you don’t need to break the bank to increase your brand’s visibility.

Our mission here at Cody Group is to help small businesses (and all sizes, really) promote their products or services through our promotional items.

Surveys have shown the benefits of using promotional items for businesses:

Calendars, notebooks, and all other items with the brand name or logo of the business are considered the number one most effective way to advertise across all generations, including millennials.

Nine out of 10 people find it easier to remember the name of a business when they have received a promotional item from that particular company.

Calendars, journals or diaries, and notebooks are great corporate gifts. Even better, 70% of people who receive the mentioned paper products choose to do business with those that gave them the items.

And the best part is you can apply these impressive stats to your business without shelling thousands of dollars. Your marketing campaign is not only effective but also affordable, as it ultimately boosts your brand’s visibility.

Name recall is essential these days, especially with many other companies selling the same products or offering similar services as you. Your job is to stand out from the crowd. What better way to do that than provide valuable items that people can use on a daily basis? Each time they open the notebook or look at the calendar sitting on their desk, they will automatically remember your business. This scenario serves as our drive to help our clients reach their target market and eventually see growth in profitability and customer numbers.

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